Monday, June 27, 2011

Jam Sesh

I will be traveling across the treacherous Atlantic seas come September, to our Statue of Liberty’s homeland (and will blog about it, worry you not). In honor and preparation of my bon voyage, I have been reading about French women and food, feasting my eyes on the country’s finest drawings, and listening to Carla Bruni. Though I have not yet familiarized myself with her full discography, I’ve recently downloaded the album Quelqu’un M’a Dit, which does not disappoint. If the beautiful language was not enough to make me swoon, Bruni sings her sweet and sad melodies with a voice that is intimate and soothing and evokes a slow curiosity. With her songs, I can celebrate the sun, cry quietly, look through old photos, or dance my pants off with small and happy steps. Perhaps the transformative quality I sense in her music is partly due to the fact that I understand nothing of what she’s saying. I should probably begin to use Google Translate. But, I think I’ll wait a bit longer to let the mystery linger…

Enjoy a nice tune off the aforementioned album!

To make up for Jam Sessions lost in the midst of springtime, I would like to present a second artist. Lulu and the Lampshades initially caught my attention with this video, which remains to be one of my favorite Youtube gems. They have released just a few songs (so catch 'em before they're hot), and I assure you they will make you want to sing and frolic in an open field of fresh strawberries. And aren’t lovely harmonies all we really need in the summer?

Peace, Love, and Jams,


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