Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jam Sesh

It seems I have been promoted to create a weekly music post. I am honored to say the least, as my fellow bloggers have a much more extensive musical knowledge than do I. But, I promise not to fail you, my friendly readers! I expect you to expect only the most unexpectedly wonderful songs to appear weekly (as expected) on the JAM Bar. So prepare yourself.

Now, the first Jam Sesh must be a good one. This is quite intimidating, and I can foresee myself going slightly overboard in an attempt to impress you. I will try to keep things under control.

Two words: Ben Sollee. Whatta guy! Lately I've been on a Ben Sollee kick, so I think I will begin with him.
He's a Kentuckian cellist with a voice so pure and genuine, fingers nimble, and a face that will make your legs go jelloid (well, maybe that's just me). His album Learning to Bend is magnificent, and his collaborative album with Daniel Martin Moore (a lanky, well-dressed, Ray-Ban-wearing young lad) is also worth a listen. I was lucky enough to see Ben and Daniel this summer at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. And I was more than happy to find his performance to be better in person than in recording. Perhaps the combination of the perfect warm and breezy weather, good friends, and being surrounded by hippies contributed to the bursting love I fell into while listening to the songs. Regardless, I do feel a need to share his tunes.
Ben's unique tenor vocals accompanied by the gorgeous deep cello creates a perfect musical marriage. His music allows me to have an experience; there is a feeling of freeing lightness and heavy drowsiness all at once.

Please enjoy:

I also feel the need to mention a wildly soulful woman who has been frequently gracing my iTunes this past week: Ella. And if I even have to say Fitzgerald, you should be ashamed of yourself. --No, no, that is only a joke, for I love with all my heart each any every reader no matter whose music you listen to.-- But Ella truly is a wonder, and I tend to forget how soothing and uplifting her voice can be. I have a great love for composer and songwriter Cole Porter, and I enjoy nothing more than listening to Ella sing from the his Songbook while lip-syncing along alone in my room. I recommend "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye," and (although it's not Cole Porter) "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" to fill that empty space in your heart that can belong only to Ella.

Smiles and Jams,

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